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‘Halo’ Video Game Makers Align With Activision

Bungie Studios, the development house behind one of the most successful franchises in video games, has found a new home—and Activision may be on the verge of having its third billion-dollar franchise. Bungie and… Continue reading

Activision faces another “Modern Warfare 2” lawsuit

Less than two months after the founders of Infinity Ward sued Activision over (among other things) unpaid royalties, over three dozen staffers of the development studio are following in their footsteps. 38 current… Continue reading

Activision’s Legal Woes Continue – and Get Uglier

The fight that kicked off when Activision fired the two heads of the studio behind last year’s best selling video game is getting uglier—on multiple fronts. Thirty-eight current and former employees of Infinity Ward, the… Continue reading

Activision & Electronic Arts: More Than A Video Game War

Every industry has its rivals: Two big companies duking it out for customer loyalty and king of the hill status. In the cell phone world, it’s AT&T vs. Verizon. In the computer world,… Continue reading