‘Halo’ creators’ ‘Destiny’ tops sales expectations

“Destiny,” destinythe new video game from the creators of the “Halo” franchise, is already setting industry records.

Activision-Blizzard reported Wednesday that the game hauled in more than $500 million on its first day, making it the industry’s biggest new game franchise in history.

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Billion-dollar ‘Destiny?’ Creators of ‘Halo’ launch new game

The destinycompany that made the Master Chief a household name in the videogame world is introducing players to a new universe.

Bungie’s “Destiny” hits stores Tuesday. And while analysts have high sales expectations for the game—and players have even higher hopes for the quality of play—it is Activision that has the most riding on the title.

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Destiny beta comes without the game’s most famous line

The wizrd from the moonthrowaway dialogue line that became a gaming meme in the early build of Bungie’s Destiny has been jettisoned into space as the game enters its beta phase.

Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage’s “so bad, it’s campy” reading of the already-dumb line “That wizard came from the moon” was a standout part of the game’s early trial. And while people still widely praised the game as a whole, the gaming world – as it’s wont to do – fixated on that line, which quickly took on a life of its own.

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Destiny beta coming in July, fancy editions announced

Didn’t destinyget enough Destiny during the short alpha trial last month? Good news: you’re going to get more time to test out Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi franchise.

The developer has announced that a beta of the game will kick off in 10 days for PlayStation owners, with Xbox owners getting their chance to play a week later.

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‘Halo’ universe feeds fans on multiple platforms

The variety-logoHalo franchise is one of the biggest in the videogame world, but when series creator Bungie Studios walked away from the series after 2010’s “Halo: Reach,” it left Microsoft with a problem.

The series, of course, would continue — but keeping the loyal community fanbase satisfied wouldn’t be easy — and neither would managing a property that had quickly grown into a transmedia giant.

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Hollywood could learn from videogame franchise strategy

The VideoGameReport_callofduty_640videogame industry takes its franchises even more seriously than Hollywood.

New games — or at least digitally downloadable content — are expected every year by a voracious audience, with billions in grosses potentially at stake. One misstep can turn a popular game’s most ardent evangelists into its loudest critics.

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Paul McCartney writing music for Bungie’s new game

The latest stop in the long and winding career of Sir Paul McCartney is one that no one saw coming.

The legendary musician has announced he’s presently working with game developer Bungie on an unannounced project, which is widely expected to be the company’s new game (currently codenamed Destiny).

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Next game from ‘Halo’ creators leaked

If you’ve been itching to play the new game from Bungie, the creators of Halo, you won’t have to wait too much longer.

The company’s new title, codenamed “Destiny,” is scheduled to hit store shelves next fall, and should be playable on both the Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s still officially unannounced next-generation system.

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‘Halo 4′ launching on Nov. 6

As America elects its Commander in Chief, Xbox 360 owners will likely elect to spend some time with a different sort of Chief.

Microsoft has unveiled an Election Day launch date for the next installment in its flagship Halo series — quite possibly the last Halo game for this generation of console systems.

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America’s Radio News Network – April 5

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