Six Technology Trends from CES That Will Shape 2013

Every Billboard logoJanuary, the Consumer Electronics Show gives the world a preview of the flood of gadgets heading our way in the coming year and beyond. Some are incredibly silly, while others are complete game changers. All promise to make people’s lives better somehow. We’ve crisscrossed the show floors to come up with six products — each representing larger trends in consumer electronics as they relate to the world of media.

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5 fascinating gaming gadgets from CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show isn’t just about a bunch of drool-worthy TVs and doomed-before-they-launch tablets. Gaming is a big part of the show.

While new games aren’t announced or showcased and major new hardware announcements by big industry players don’t typically happen (even rumored ones like the Xbox 720), there’s plenty of gaming on hand. Sony and Nintendo have been busily showing off the PlayStation Vita and Wii U, respectively, and many of those fancy sets and mobile devices are geared towards those who like to play.

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The 10 Coolest Gadgets at CES 2012

Attending the Consumer Electronics Show is not good for your bank account. No matter how new your TV is or how high-tech your home might be, there’s always something better on the way — and once you see it, you often want it.

There is, however, a lot of repetition in the Las Vegas Convention Center halls. After a couple of days the myriad TVs start to run together, and it starts to seem like every booth is offering some variation of an iPhone case.

Some items rise above the fray — and these are often the ones that resonate with consumers. Here are a few of the most interesting things on display this year.