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Do video games have a future at CES?

The circus has left town here in Las Vegas. The 100-inch Ultra high definition sets have been packed up. The tens of thousands of unread show dailies have been recycled. And the folks… Continue reading

Six Technology Trends from CES That Will Shape 2013

Every January, the Consumer Electronics Show gives the world a preview of the flood of gadgets heading our way in the coming year and beyond. Some are incredibly silly, while others are complete… Continue reading

CES 2013 Backbeat: Alicia Keys Headlines Monster Products’ Star-Studded Party

Alicia Keys had a busy Wednesday evening. After performing at the People’s Choice Awards, she hopped a plane and headed to Vegas, where she headlined a star-studded party for Monster Products. As it does every year… Continue reading

Costly TVs pave the way for innovations

Being an early adopter on the cutting edge of technology has never been cheap. And the new TV sets heading soon to retailers come with a hefty pricetag, making the cost of a… Continue reading

The weird and wonderful of CES 2013

There’s never any shortage of interesting things at the Consumer Electronics Show, especially devices or software that will transform the way people consume entertainment. Then there are the oddities. These items may never… Continue reading

50 Cent returns with high-end headphones

While he first burst onto the scene as a music artist, 50 Cent has quickly become just as influential in the world of business. The man born as Curtis James Jackson III joined… Continue reading

CES 2013: The Innovators of Television

With over-the-top platforms proliferating and social media changing the way we interact with content, the traditional tube is on the way out. These 10 pioneers are launching technologies and making deals to transform… Continue reading

CES: Are TV viewers salivating for voice controls?

Voice command may seem like a natural evolution for television, given the popularity of Apple’s Siri on the iPhone. But is it ready for primetime? Samsung’s ES8000 LED set, the company’s flagship “smart… Continue reading

CES: Motorhead in gear with headphones

For years, Motorhead has avoided the trend of licensed merchandise, but when a startup headphone manufacturer came calling, the rock band finally joined the club. “People say we’ve never sold out,” joked the… Continue reading

Redbox Instant keeps focus on movies

The looming public launch of Redbox Instant by Verizon appears to be an escalation of the war between Redbox and Netflix. But the streaming service plans to focus on movies, rather than a… Continue reading