The bully you don’t believe exists: Your own kid

Professional cyber bullyingfootball players do it. White House officials probably come closer than they should to doing it. But could your “sweet” kid also be involved? Or, even more heartbreaking, be a victim?

The digital world has become a haven for cyberbullying—bullying that takes place with the help of smartphones and computers and via methods including email, social media and text messaging. What’s more surprising is how widespread this behavior has become—and the gravitational effect it has on children who might otherwise not be part of the bullying process. While parents may think they understand how modern bullying works, their kids beg to differ.


Hitman Facebook game under fire for encouraging cyberbullying

Agent hire-hitman-top63047 just can’t seem to avoid trouble.

Just months after the newly released stealth game Hitman: Absolution got into hot water for a risqué game trailer, the game’s publisher is finding itself on the defensive once again for a PR gaffe that some say encourages cyberbullying.

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