App Review: Cowboy Guns HD

The wild west hasn’t been tamed on iDevices yet and, unfortunately, Cowboy Guns HD isn’t quite up to the task. The story is generic western, with a nameless gunslinger (called “The Kid”) dispatched to help take down The Crimson Jackets, a band of ruffians terrorizing an area. The game has plenty of guns, outfits, and armor, but to get them, you’ll need to collect stars on various missions. Problem is: Those missions are pretty much the same. Walk in, kill all the bandits, hunt for stars, then repeat. It gets monotonous, and buggy controls don’t help matters. The game’s top-down view is also limiting. In the end, it’s a game whose aim is just a little too far off the mark.

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App review: Sheeple Chase

Sheeple Chase could be a really fun game for kids and parents — if it weren’t so mind-bogglingly difficult. With bright graphics and very basic controls, you might expect a slightly challenging, but fun, racer. Instead, though, this app quickly veers into something that will confound even core gamers. The only way to win is to lose time and again until you’ve memorized the course and perfect your timing on when to turn and accelerate. The game’s many puns are hit and miss the first time — but after you’ve seen them several times, they quickly lose their appeal. Ultimately, this is an app that shows promise, but is hampered by its lack of focus on how to please its targeted audience.

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Game coin goes mobile

As social gaming companies get snatched for ever-escalating amounts, the wave of acquisitions and investment money has turned to makers of mobile videogames.

Over the last two weeks, there have been three substantial buyouts and investments in the mobile market — and the transactions could signal the beginning of a larger trend in use of mobile devices for gaming.

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