‘Minecraft’ deal could be key to Microsoft’s survival

“Minecraft” minecraftis the videogame world’s equivalent of lightning in a bottle—an indie gaming sensation that grew organically, eventually becoming one of the industry’s biggest franchises. It was a game that opened the doors for several other independent developers, who, in turn, brought a new burst of creativity to the industry.

So Monday’s news that corporate behemoth Microsoft was buying Mojang, the developer of “Minecraft,” for $2.5 billion might seem an odd fit to some, but it could be a key strategic move for Microsoft.

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Are Apps Killing the Video Game Industry?

Over the past year or so, Nintendo has taken a fairly predictable approach in its reaction to the rise of app-based gaming. The bite-sized titles, company officials would say nonchalantly whenever asked, could be a fun diversion, but didn’t compare to the deeper experience of the more feature-rich games on its mobile devices.

These days, the company sounds a lot more concerned.

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Game coin goes mobile

As social gaming companies get snatched for ever-escalating amounts, the wave of acquisitions and investment money has turned to makers of mobile videogames.

Over the last two weeks, there have been three substantial buyouts and investments in the mobile market — and the transactions could signal the beginning of a larger trend in use of mobile devices for gaming.

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