Opinion: Why The Diablo III Backlash Got Overheated

[Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris examines the backlash from this week’s controversial Diablo III news, stating Blizzard “doesn’t make decisions rashly” and those vowing boycotts “are blowing smoke.”]

Amid all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Monday’s Diablo III announcement, I have to admit I saw things a bit differently.

Between the kerfuffle over the always-connected DRM, the decision to disallow modding and the real money auctions, players didn’t even blink when the company all but announced that the game wouldn’t be out this year. Those same people were the ones who just a week ago were seriously jonesing for the chance to get repetitive stress injuries from the non-stop clicking.

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Blizzard unveils Diablo 3 beta and game details

First, the bad news: It’s looking less and less likely that Diablo 3 will be on store shelves by the end of the year. But if it’s any consolation, should the game slip to 2012, it looks like it won’t be too far into the calendar year.

Blizzard has unveiled a slew of information about its hotly anticipated RPG clickfest – and while fans are enthusiastically embracing some of what the developer had to say, they’re pretty upset about other parts.

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App Review: Dungeon Hunter 2

Diablo has spawned some really, really bad clones. Thankfully, Gameloft (which has made a business of cloning well-known titles for the app world) dodges that bullet with Dungeon Hunter 2. While it’s nowhere as good as its source material, the game is less graphic. It is an enjoyable action/RPG with a fairly lengthy campaign, which you can play with others over local and online co-op. The game has an open world design, letting players travel and quest where they want, but suffers from some basic errors — like the main character often gets stuck while walking about, the graphics are sub-par, and the price is really too high compared to other apps. It’s far from perfect, but for RPG fans looking for an app alternative with a little depth, this one’s worth the try – especially if it’s on sale.

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Analysis: On BlizzCon And The Power Of Fanfests

[Ahead of BlizzCon, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris looks at the role of the fanfest in video games, talking to Blizzard COO Paul Sams about this weekend’s Anaheim event and its key role in Blizzard’s marketing and community relations.]

When 20,000 people converge on Anaheim this weekend for BlizzCon, their minds are likely to be on what items will be in their goodie bag and what sort of sneak peaks they’ll get at upcoming Blizzard Entertainment games.

For the folks at Blizzard, though, the event, now in its fifth year, is a critical piece of their marketing plan.

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