The Best and Worst Games of 2014 (So Far)

We hearthstoneentered 2014 with big expectations. Two new consoles, a Wii U desperate to make some strides, a healthy PC gaming ecosystem, a mobile market stuffed with hidden gems … this year was bound to be a big one for gamers, right?

We can’t say for certain until the year is through, but six months in and we’ve already got some answers. As we impatiently wait for the summer doldrums to pass and the fall deluge to begin, here are our picks of the five best and worst games of the first half of 2014.

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10 Must-Play Mobile Games

Still hearthstonespending your time with Angry Birds or Candy Crush? While there’s certainly nothing wrong with flinging fowl at pigs or matching sweets, the maturation of mobile gaming is bringing about a new crop of must-haves, ranging from titles that can take just a moment of your time to games you can sink a few hours into and still barely scratch the surface.

If you’re missing any of these on your smart device, you’ll want to correct that quickly.

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The Hidden Profits Behind Free Videogames

The SWTORrecent announcement by Blizzard Entertainment that it would be giving its next game away for free might have startled some investors.

Blizzard, after all, is the talent behind some of the industry’s biggest powerhouses, including “World of Warcraft” and “Diablo,” and has generated billions of dollars for parent Activision. But the seemingly sudden burst of generosity could turn out to be one of developer’s most savvy ideas to date.