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Investment firm buys Sony’s online gaming division

Columbus Nova is expanding its footprint in the video game business. The New York-based investment firm has purchased Sony Online Entertainment, which is responsible for massively multiplayer online games like “EverQuest,” “PlanetSide” and… Continue reading

The Hidden Profits Behind Free Videogames

The recent announcement by Blizzard Entertainment that it would be giving its next game away for free might have startled some investors. Blizzard, after all, is the talent behind some of the industry’s… Continue reading

MMO devs will lose the fight against content churn, says SOE’s Smedley

Sony Online Entertainment has become largely pseudonymous with the free-to-play movement, offering triple-A titles like PlanetSide 2 for no cost from day one, and converting legacy games like EverQuest to the model. It’s fairly seamless these days,… Continue reading

Why EverQuest house SOE went all-in with free-to-play games

SOE isn’t as high profile as in its EverQuest heyday, but it’s settled in as one of the biggest players in free-to-play triple-A games. President John Smedley discusses why he thinks SOE’s headed… Continue reading

EverQuest going free-to-play

The game that made MMO games a viable force in the industry is going free-to-play. EverQuest will drop its mandatory monthly pricing strategy in March, as the game hits its impressive 13th birthday —… Continue reading

The Money Making Game: SOE’s F2P Shift

We certainly have no problem getting caught up in the fun of playing games, but the people who create them have their pocketbooks to worry about, too. In this column, finance expert and… Continue reading

Sony suffers second major security breach

The data breach into the PlayStation Network continues to worsen. Sony announced Monday it had discovered another 24.6 million accounts had been hacked, this time in the company’s PC online gaming division. The… Continue reading

Interview: SOE’s Smedley On The Company’s Future

Gamasutra editor at large Chris Morris talks to Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley about the next generation of EverQuest, NGP development and why “You can bet our future is more console-based than it is… Continue reading

Sony Online Entertainment issues pink slips

With costs rising and competition increasing, Sony has laid off one-third of its Sony Online Entertainment division. 205 of the roughly 700 SOE employees received pink slips Thursday as the company shut down… Continue reading

Sony, THQ cut their workforces

Sony Online Entertainment and THQ are both handing out pink slips this week. SOE was hit hard by a devastating round of downsizing that resulted in one-third of the workforce being laid off… Continue reading