Music gaming levels up with Cello Fortress

You’ve cello-fortressplayed plenty of video games using fake electric guitars, but how about something a bit…classier?

Cello Fortress — yes, cello — combines video games, classical music and concert tours to create what very well may be the most unique multimedia experience to come around in years.

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Indie Idyll for the Vidgame Crowd

Independent gdcfilmmakers may have Sundance, but indie gamemakers head to San Francisco.

More than 20,000 are gathered at the city’s annual Game Developers Conference through March 29, looking to generate buzz — and hopefully land distribution — given it’s the only show where smaller titles made by teams of fewer than a dozen people can stand on even footing with deep-pocketed studios.

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Indie game Fez squares off against Microsoft

The developers of indie game darling Fez have a problem: there’s a major bug in their game. But they’re not going to fix it — and they say that’s Microsoft’s fault.

Released in April on Xbox Live, Fez garnered terrific reviews from critics. But as players explored the game, they found a number of issues. Save files were being corrupted and the game was crashing regularly. A fix was issued last month, but it was quickly yanked because it reportedly caused even more problems.

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