Ouya CEO: “We have done a lot of things wrong”

To julie-uhrman-ouyasay the launch of the Ouya microconsole has been rocky is sort of like saying passengers on the Titanic had to deal with some humidity issues.

Pretty much anything that could go wrong for the start-up has done just that. CEO Julie Uhrman, at a recent talk at the XOXO technology festival, acknowledged that she and her team were responsible for a lot of those missteps.

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Critics: Ouya console not ready for prime time

Ouya, ouya-final-reviews-top630the little console that could, may have taken an unusual path to the retail world, but it made it. The $99 Android-based gaming system that was a Kickstarter sensation has exited its beta phase and, as of Tuesday, is available for purchase at online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Target.

But how does the system stand up to criticism? When Ouya sent out early versions of the hardware to those Kickstarter backers, it was eviscerated in reviews. The company protested, saying what was sent wasn’t final hardware.

Unfortunately, the first looks at the retail system aren’t much more complimentary.

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