Critics: Ouya console not ready for prime time

Ouya, ouya-final-reviews-top630the little console that could, may have taken an unusual path to the retail world, but it made it. The $99 Android-based gaming system that was a Kickstarter sensation has exited its beta phase and, as of Tuesday, is available for purchase at online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Target.

But how does the system stand up to criticism? When Ouya sent out early versions of the hardware to those Kickstarter backers, it was eviscerated in reviews. The company protested, saying what was sent wasn’t final hardware.

Unfortunately, the first looks at the retail system aren’t much more complimentary.

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The trouble with Ouya

The ouya-consolelittle system hoping to change the world faces some huge challenges.

When it was first introduced last July, the Ouya game system sounded like a dream come true for gamers frustrated with traditional consoles. With a focus on independent games, an affordable price point and a developer-friendly design, it seemed like a breath of fresh air for the industry.

Now the system is finally in the hands of its early Kickstarter backers — just two months from hitting retail shelves — and it appears the dream may well turn into a nightmare.

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Crowd-Funded Game System Hopes to Take on Microsoft, Sony

As Nintendo prepares to launch its latest videogame console this holiday season – and Microsoft and Sony continue to prep theirs for an expected 2013 launch – a new competitor for the living room is threatening to steal their thunder.

Ouya – an upstart technology firm with some big industry names behind it – is bypassing traditional financing methods and relying on crowd funding to raise capital. And gamers can’t seem to hand over their money fast enough.