Candy Crush Saga creator’s stock gets crushed on first day of trading king-stockmight have conquered the world with its addictive app Candy Crush Saga, but when it comes to Wall Street, the company’s looking more like a court jester.

Shares of the developer began trading publicly on the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday morning following weeks of anticipation, but they quickly nosedived.

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Candy Crush Saga makers want to trademark the word ‘candy’

King, candy-crush-saga-trademarkthe company behind the mobile smash Candy Crush Saga, isn’t content with owning your free time. Now it wants a part of your everyday vocabulary, too.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has approved the company’s application to trademark the word “candy” across a variety of platforms, ranging from computer games to cassette tapes to shower caps.

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Candy Crush Saga tops 2013 iOS download list

Mobile candy-crush-top-2013-jpg_000405gamers were on a sugar rush in 2013.

Apple has released its lists of the top apps of the year, and no surprise here: Candy Crush Saga was the hands-down winner. King’s addictive social/mobile was downloaded more than any other free app in the company’s iTunes app store, topping both the iPhone and iPad lists.

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Peter Levin on Scandinavia’s Rise to Mobile Gaming Supremacy

The GeekChicDaily Presents GeekChicLAearly advisor to Rovio talks to THR about how the region’s focus on mobile design, social integration and upselling features led to Candy Crush and Angry Birds: “These games fill that bite-size need sitting on a line, on a tarmac, in a waiting room, or during a commercial.”

The rise of mobile gaming has created a new center of power in the gaming world: Scandinavia.

Led by companies such as Rovio (Angry Birds) and Supercell (Clash of Clans), developers there are leading the way in mobile aesthetics, gameplay and monetization.

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Now in its ninth year, has rapidly become a social gaming powerhouse after pushing its games to Facebook. Amidst rumors of acquisitions and an IPO, Gamasutra speaks with the Bubble Witch house.

While it’s going to be a long while before anyone gets within striking distance of Zynga’s dominance when it comes to social games on Facebook, the fight for the number two position on that site is a fierce one, when it comes to daily active users.

Three companies are battling for the silver medal — Wooga, Electronic Arts and EA’s held the lead for a while, but earlier this month broke away from the pack, largely on the strength of its Bubble Witch Saga game.

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