App Review: PAC-CHOMP!

Pac-Man and Bejewled might seem an odd mix, but they blend quite well together in PAC-CHOMP! The game is nearly as addictive as the PopCap Games’ classic Bejeweled, but still retains the charm of Pac-Man, a beloved arcade standard. Matching ghosts of the same color earns bonus items, which eliminate scores of ghosts when Pac-Man eats them. Match enough ghosts and you’ll earn a power pellet, which triggers a bonus stage when eaten. The real fun is in the ability to rotate parts of the screen to move elements around. Determining when that’s appropriate adds another layer of strategy to the game, elevating it beyond a simple clone. One word of warning to colorblind players: The ghosts can be hard to discern if your eyes have trouble with shades of blue. That won’t affect most people, but it’s maddening for those it does.

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World’s biggest Pac-Man underway

Most of the time, Pac-Man is limited to a strict diet of 240 dots per level — but this is the era of supersizing. And the little yellow guy is going on a high-calorie diet.

Namco-Bandai and Microsoft, along with Soap Creative, have released a new, free-to-play version of the arcade classic that links hundreds of user-created mazes together, effectively creating the world’s largest game of Pac-Man.

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App Review: PAC’N-JUMP

There’s really not a lot that’s new with PAC’N-JUMP, but that doesn’t stop it from being an eminently enjoyable diversion. Stealing the successful Doodle Jump formula, the game puts Pac-Man on a vertical quest, rather than a maze-based one. And while he still gobbles up dots and power pellets, he also has a series of platforms to help him get higher — and boost the player’s score. The controls are very responsive and rather than being a one-trick pony, players can unlock additional maps that pit Pac-Man against enemies from other classic arcade games, such as Dig-Dug, Rally-X, and Galaga.  It’s a retro twist on what is already an iDevice gaming classic.

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Happy birthday Pac-Man!

On May 22, 1980, the video game world truly went mainstream.

“Pong” and “Space Invaders” were huge, sure, but when “Pac-Man” hit the scene, it was something completely different. 

The yellow dude with the insatiable appetite for power pellets turns 30 tomorrow, having racked up everything from sales records to a breakfast cereal. Heck, even Google is getting in on the action, dedicating its home page to the game today and tomorrow (with the Google logo – technically called the “Google Doodle” – now a playable version of the game.

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Ari Avad has plans for Pac-Man

The man who brought Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men to the big screen may have his eyes on Pac-Man.

Ari Avad, former CEO of Marvel Studios and current executive advisor for Namco Bandai, will be on hand at an E3 party celebrating the world’s best known pellet eater “to make an announcement about the worldwide premiere of his newest Pac-Man project.”

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