Wal-Mart beefs up its used game business

Wal-Mart, walmart used gameswhich took the plunge into the used video game business in March, is leveling up.

The retailer on Tuesday announced the launch of a certified preowned program in 1,700 stores nationwide, finally putting those games it has been offering store credit for over the last seven months back up for sale. It’s a move that heightens the growing battle between Wal-Mart and GameStop.

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Walmart jumps into the game trade-in business

Retailer GI-walmartlaunching large-scale program at 3,100 US stores, aims to disrupt second-hand market

While a few competitors have tried to make inroads over the years, when it comes to the better-than-$2 billion per year used game business, GameStop has had a pretty secure lock on king of the hill status. Starting March 26, though, the world’s largest retailer will be looking to steal a significant piece of the pie.

Walmart has announced plans to launch a large-scale video game trade-in program at 3,100 stores across America. Working in conjunction with CE Exchange, the store will allow consumer to swap games for store credit, which can be used to purchase anything that Walmart sells. Used games could be available to in-store shoppers as early as this summer.\

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Walmart squares off against GameStop over used games

Look <> on February 20, 2014 in San Lorenzo, California.out GameStop. Here comes Walmart.

The world’s largest retailer has announced plans to begin offering store credit — good for anything it sells — for used video games. The program starts March 26 in 3,100 stores across America. By this summer, it hopes to begin re-selling those games to customers alongside new (more expensive) copies of the same title.

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Got a game you don’t want? Here’s what to do

You xmas-games-tradetold your relatives you already had a copy of Grand Theft Auto V. You made it very clear to Santa that you didn’t own a Wii U, so there was no need to bring you Super Mario 3D World. But somehow, you once again ended up with games you either already own, didn’t want, or can’t play.

Now what?

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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 stalemated—except on eBay

The xbox onenext-generation console wars are stalemated so far.

Microsoft said Wednesday that it has sold more than 2 million Xbox One units in the system’s first 18 days of availability. That comes roughly a week after Sony said it had sold 2.1 million PlayStation 4 units in the first 14 days.

That represents a total of $1.8 billion-plus in sales of console hardware in three and a half weeks.

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Video game companies hope for a bountiful holiday

There gamersare two stories to follow this holiday season in the gaming world: Hardware and software.

With the high-profile launch of two new gaming systems and a slew of new games still to come, the video-game industry is hoping Santa brings it a turnaround this year. U.S. consumer spending on video games at brick-and-mortar retail stores has fallen nearly 30 percent in the past three years. In 2010, the industry took in $18.6 billion on sales of hardware, software and accessories, according to the NPD Group. In 2012, that number had slipped to $13.26 billion.

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Should you sell your current video game system?

The xbox360-ps3countdown is on for the launches of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but the next generation won’t be cheap. The PlayStation 4 carries a price tag of $400, while the Xbox One is $500 — and that’s not including extra controllers, subscription fees and, oh yeah, the games.

The good news? Those systems sitting in your entertainment center can help you bridge the financial gap. But they may not get you quite as far as you were hoping.

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GameStop’s Black Friday secrets revealed in leaked ad

Patient gamestop-back-friday-dealsgamers could be rewarded this Black Friday.

A newspaper circular for GameStop’s holiday deals has leaked onto the web — and if’ you’re in the market for an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the retailer has some terrific deals in store. Zelda fans, meanwhile, will be able to get their hands on a bundle they’ve only been able to admire from afar.

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Xbox One will play used games, but it might cost you

Since xbox-one-used-games-top630the rumormongers starting whispering about Microsoft’s next-generation console over a year ago, one of the most controversial topics has been the fate of used games.

Some reports said the system would make it impossible to play them. Analysts scoffed at this, saying Microsoft wasn’t stupid enough to alienate a substantial portion of its audience with such a sweeping move — not to mention anger its biggest retail partner, GameStop, who sees significant revenue from used game sales.

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