Where can Amazon legally fly its drones?

The bezosFederal Aviation Administration’s proposed drone rules clip the wings of Amazon’s Prime Air delivery service in the United States, but the online retailer could be eyeing other countries for testing to keep momentum going.

Amazon, in its sole statement regarding the FAA proposal, said it remains “prepared to deploy [Prime Air] where we have the regulatory support we need.” Translation: We’re willing to move our operations elsewhere.

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Amazon to buy game streaming service Twitch for $970 million

Amazon’s amazon twitchinterest in the video game world is taking a huge step forward with Monday’s $970 million deal to buy game streaming service Twitch Interactive.

The all-cash deal, which came out of the blue after months of unconfirmed reports that Google’s YouTube unit was about to buy the company, will give Amazon an extraordinarily popular streaming video arm—one that could actually rival YouTube. It also continues the company’s ongoing efforts to assume a significant role in the gaming industry.

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Google in 10 years? Even bigger, say analysts

Google google in 10 yearsis undeniably a big deal, and analysts believe it’s only getting bigger. Ten years after it went public, the search and advertising giant has become an indispensable part of many people’s daily lives.

With a healthy cash stockpile on hand, an active venture capital arm and a cache that’s unrivaled in the online world, Google should be able to not only maintain its king of the hill status, but expand upon it over the next decade, analysts say.

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Will Amazon be the next giant in gaming?

Just amazon-gamingas video game publishers and console makers are getting used to the disruption Apple and Google brought to the industry, another shake-up might be looming.

Amazon, which previously only sniffed around the edges of the gaming world, seems to be positioning itself to become a much bigger player. The only question is: When?

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Porn site sues Amazon over Fire TV

The fireTV-FyreTvowners of a porn website that shares the name as Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box are turning up the heat.

Florida-based WREAL is suing Amazon for alleged trademark infringement, asking a U.S. District Court judge to force the company to change the product’s name and to hand over all profits Fire TV has generated thus far.

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Amazon TV shares name with online porn site

Someone fyre-tvlooking for information on Amazon’s new Fire TV on the Web might be in for a bit of a shock. The video streaming and gaming set-top box shares a name with a porn site.

The media and retail giant on Wednesday announced its Fire TV, an attempt by the company to grab a spot in the living room to promote its own content services.

Consumers, however, who enter firetv.com (NSFW) into their browsers (rather than searching for information about the product on Amazon’s home page) will get something very different. Rather than offering information about Fire TV, the site is the home of a video-on-demand pornography service.

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Can Amazon’s Fire TV compete as a gaming device?

Amazon AmazonFireGameControlleris making its long-awaited move into the living room, and it’s bringing games along for the ride.

On Tuesday, the retailer announced Amazon Fire TV, a thin, set-top box designed to go toe-to-toe with Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku’s many set-top boxes. Like its competitors, the $99 box streams movies, music and television shows and begins shipping immediately.

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10 companies that let you bring your dog to work

It’s dogs at worka dog-eat-dog world in most corporations. And it helps to have a best friend nearby.

Bringing your pet to work is still a fairly rare perk at most companies, but there are definitely benefits to doing so. A study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that people who bring their dogs into the workplace are less stressed, and that sense of job satisfaction extends to people who come into contact with the pet.

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Black Friday’s best video game deals

Black black-friday-deals-2013Friday is no longer just a one day event. Many retailers open Thursday night, while other are already offering Black Friday deals now. And don’t even get us started on the run up to Cyber Monday…

One thing is consistent, though: If you’re looking to buy a video game (for yourself or someone else), you’re bound to find a stellar deal.

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