iTunes tops online movie market in 2010

The competition is getting fiercer, but when it comes to online video sales, Apple is still king of the hill.

New data from IHS Screen Digest shows that iTunes was the leader in movie electronic sell through and internet video on demand last year, besting pushes from Amazon, Wal-Mart and others with a commanding 2/3 market share.

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Vudu joins the Boxxee bunch

Vudu, a staple in many internet connected televisions and Blu-ray players, has added a pair of new outlets to its list.

The Wal-Mart-owned streaming service will be available via Boxee starting next month. That not only means that Vudu will be included in the Boxee Box when it ships to stores, but it will also be available to anyone with a Macs or PC.

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Now Best Buy has a streaming media service, too

When Wal-Mart purchased Vudu in February, it was really just a matter of time before other big box stores launched their own streaming media services. Now Best Buy is joining the race. 

The retailer will launch CinemaNow later this month, letting owners of LG’s Blu-Ray players rent (and buy) downloadable video. Rentals will run $3-$4 each – roughly the same as Vudu. They’ll be available the same day as film and TV DVD releases, which gives the service a slight let up on Netflix, which remains the top dog in the streaming video category.

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