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Florida may have accidentally banned computers and smartphones

Got a laptop or an iPhone in Florida? You could be violating the law. In an attempt to ban Internet cafes in the Sunshine State, legislators may have been a bit too broad… Continue reading

iPad games…for your cat?

Apple may tout the diversity of the App Store in television ads, but let’s face it — the store is prejudiced against certain users. Sure, there are apps for adults and children, scholars… Continue reading

Intel’s latest employee: will.i.am?

Intel is taking a page from Polaroid’s playbook: Grab a hot musician, give them an official sounding title and hope the PR blitz surrounding that will result in something good. With the camera… Continue reading

Nintendo’s weirdest trademark

It’s common for companies to trademark their characters, games and hardware – but cultural sayings revolving around them? That’s a new one. Nintendo has filed a request with the U.S. Patent and Trademark… Continue reading