‘Halo’ universe feeds fans on multiple platforms

The variety-logoHalo franchise is one of the biggest in the videogame world, but when series creator Bungie Studios walked away from the series after 2010’s “Halo: Reach,” it left Microsoft with a problem.

The series, of course, would continue — but keeping the loyal community fanbase satisfied wouldn’t be easy — and neither would managing a property that had quickly grown into a transmedia giant.

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‘Halo 4′ multiplayer details emerge

Microsoft and 343 Industries aren’t waiting for E3 to start spilling the beans about their biggest game of 2012.

Pre-orders for Halo 4 went on sale today, and to help pump up interest in the game, the publisher and developer have released a lot of details about the game’s multiplayer, a live-action digital series and the obligatory special edition.

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Halo’s astounding numbers

In the 4.5 billion years the earth has been around, about 108 billion humans have walked its surface. In the 11 years Halo has been around, a small subset of those humans have killed each other more than 136 billion times.

As Bungie says goodbye to the franchise that brought it fame and fortune, the game developer has released some statistics detailing the dedication of its massive fan base. And the numbers are staggering.

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More Halo 4 details revealed

We’re more than a year away from Halo 4 hitting store shelves, but Microsoft is already giving fans a peek behind the curtain on one of the most anticipated upcoming games for the Xbox 360.

At last weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle, 343 Industries, which has taken over ownership of the franchise from longtime developer Bungie, dropped a few hints about what we can expect in the game — though the crew certainly left attendees with more questions than answers.

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