Consumer electronics biz opposes infotainment ban

The consumer electronics industry is forming a defensive line for in-vehicle entertainment systems.

On the heels of the National Transportation Safety Board recommending the development of technology features that disable the functions of driver accessible, in-car electronics devices when a vehicle is in motion, the Consumer Electronics Association voiced opposition to the proposal.

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Six Tips When Buying Consumer Electronics

Odds are you’re going to buy or receive a gadget this holiday season. Consumer electronics are always one of the top gift items in December, but the rush to get the latest gadget sometimes prevents people from thinking things through completely.

For the better part of 16 years, I’ve covered the video game and gadget space, making me one of CNBC’s go-to geeks. Along the way, I’ve learned a few easy tricks that make electronics shopping—and the early days of owning these devices—a bit more bearable.


For the Geek: Hot Holiday Gadgets 2010

Someone, somewhere on your holiday shopping list is going to want a gadget this year—and odds are they won’t be alone.

Consumer electronics are the most dependable category in the retail space during the holidays, but the sheer volume of gadgets on the market can be confounding. Here are a few sure-fire choices for your favorite gadget hounds.

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The Surefire Holiday Hit: Gadgets

Consumers may be planning to spend less on gifts overall this holiday season, but that frugality seemingly won’t apply when it comes to consumer electronics.

Fueled by demand for Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle eReader, gadgets are expected to be the top category in retail during the fourth quarter. A survey from the Consumer Electronics Association finds that consumers will spend an average of $232 on gadgets and gizmos this year.