Black Friday: The Pros And Cons For Game Companies

In this analysis, Gamasutra editor Chris Morris asks if this year’s post-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales will provide a notable boost for the gaming industry, and if it will actually hurt the industry more than it helps.

As happens every year around this time, circulars advertising post-Thanksgiving “Black Friday” deals from major retailers are starting to leak online – and, as always, the gaming deals are pretty phenomenal.

A Wii for $100? Batman: Arkham City and Gears of War 3 for $30? It’s enough to tempt even the most cynical shoppers to bravely venture forth into the retail madness that is Black Friday.

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The Surefire Holiday Hit: Gadgets

Consumers may be planning to spend less on gifts overall this holiday season, but that frugality seemingly won’t apply when it comes to consumer electronics.

Fueled by demand for Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle eReader, gadgets are expected to be the top category in retail during the fourth quarter. A survey from the Consumer Electronics Association finds that consumers will spend an average of $232 on gadgets and gizmos this year.


Video Games on Holiday Wish Lists 2010

Retail sales might be in the tank, but that doesn’t mean 2010 has been a year of bad video games. It’s quite the opposite, in fact.

While shoppers have been more picky about what they buy — and spending more time with games that have extensive multiplayer elements — there are a lot of highly rated titles on shelves and others coming soon. The good news? That makes it easy for gift buyers to find something for everyone.

Here are some suggestions that can’t be overlooked.

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How Critical Is This Holiday for Nintendo?

Two years ago, Nintendo could do no wrong. The Wii was at the height of its retail domination and competitors were scrambling for second place.

Today it’s a much different story and the looming holiday season could be a crucial one that determines the strength – and perhaps the future – of the company’s core console business.


Is GameStop Under Pressure This Holiday Season?

When a 2009 holiday price war erupted between two of the largest online retailers, GameStop found itself caught in the middle.

Amazon and Wal-Mart kicked off last December by slashing prices on 25 of the year’s most popular video games—with the average discount ranging from 15 percent to 20 percent. That caught GameStop by surprise—and ultimately contributed to the company reporting flat earnings for the nine-week period.