Did a video game gun stop this home robbery?

Video light gungames are often accused of causing violence, but in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they may have prevented it.

According to multiple reports, a 24-year old man in the city’s Oakland neighborhood used a fake gun to stop a burglar who sneaked into his house. The unnamed victim was playing video games in his bedroom on Sunday. He was wearing a headset and didn’t hear the robber enter the house — until his bedroom door opened and he was confronted by a stranger. And that person was pretty surprised to see him as well.

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Video game store clerk talks robber out of crime

If you’ve ever been to a video game retailer, you know how persuasive those clerks can be.

One Denver salesperson, though, tops them all. He managed to talk a would-be robber out of committing a crime by pointing out to him that it was “messed up” to attempt to rob a locally-owned company.

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FBI arrests 16 in hacker crackdown

‘Anonymous’ may not be quite as anonymous as they believed.

The FBI has arrested 16 people as part of a crackdown on the Internet’s best-known hacker group. These come on top of five arrests by British and Dutch police yesterday, which were part of a coordinated effort.

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