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Pac-Man’s headed back to TV – in 3D

Pac-Man, that pellet-eating, ghost-avoiding icon of the video game industry is ready for his close-up – again. Namco Bandai announced late Tuesday that it was working on a new television program featuring its… Continue reading

E3 2010: Cutting-Edge Video Game Technology

As it does every four or five years, the video game industry is rebooting itself this year. Instead of rolling out brand new game systems for the living room, though, manufacturers are looking… Continue reading

Gaming 2010: No New Consoles, but Plenty of Tech Advances

While the video game industry has its share of problems, complacency is not one of them. Innovations roll out at a staggering pace—which is part of the reason gaming can be such an… Continue reading

Hollywood and Gaming: Over and Done With?

Not too many years ago, studios would have fought tooth and nail for the licensing rights to an upcoming film that had hit potential. Today, it’s a much less crowded field. THQ, which… Continue reading

Hands on with the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo may have a huge hit on its hands.  The Nintendo 3DS – the company’s Hail Mary pass to turn heads away from the Apple juggernaut is a rare thing that seems able… Continue reading

Nintendo unveils 3DS

While there has been a lot of talk about the future of 3D in gaming, Nintendo on Tuesday made the clearest statement yet that the technology is about to become a major factor.… Continue reading

E3: The excess is back

If you thought Microsoft’s multi-million dollar Cirque du Soleil backed introduction of Kinect, its gesture-recognition controller, was extravagant, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Activision, publisher of such games as “Call of Duty: Modern… Continue reading

Sony unveils PlayStation Move

Sony will jump into the motion sensing game this September. The company announced Tuesday at its E3 press conference that the PlayStation Move peripheral, in essence an enhanced version of the Nintendo Wii… Continue reading

Cloud Computing: A Paradigm Shift For Gaming

There’s a fox in the henhouse at E3 this year. As Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo promote their upcoming hardware innovations and try to extend the life cycle of this generation of consoles, a burgeoning company… Continue reading

Branson, Virgin enter video game biz

Richard Branson has a history of turning industries on their ear. And now he has his eyes set on the video game world. The billionaire entrepreneur’s re-entry into the gaming world with Virgin… Continue reading