Mobile game war: How can Sony and Nintendo compete?

Ten years ago, the thought of a battle in the portable gaming market was ludicrous. Nintendo had held such a dominant position in the space for so long that it seemed impervious to any sort of challenge.

The field was littered with failed opponents, but things started to get a little more interesting in late 2004, when Sony jumped into the market with the PSP. By the time Apple launched the App Store in 2008, a full-fledged war was underway.

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Publishers slash app prices for iPad 2 launch

As Apple ramps up the hype machine on the iPad 2, app publishers are hoping to ride the coattails to higher sales.

Developers both small and large are slashing prices on popular apps in hopes of capturing the attentions of people who can no longer resist Apple’s tablet device. And Electronic Arts is leading the charge.

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Apple unveils iPad 2

Nothing was going to keep Steve Jobs away from the introduction of the iPad 2 – not even his health.

The CEO of Apple, who has been on a medical leave of absence from the company since late January, surprised attendees at the tablet computer’s unveiling in San Francisco Wednesday, taking the wraps off of a redesigned version of its popular gadget, which will hit stores next Friday, March 11.

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