Watch Dogs, Mario Kart power stellar sales for video game industry in May

A NPD-Mayhacker and a kart racer have delivered some unabashedly good news to console makers and game publishers.

Sales of both video game hardware and software were up — way up — in May, delivering the first solid month the industry has seen for some time.

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Taking a spin with a real-world Mario Kart

The marioKart8game might be named after him, but there was no way I was going to let Mario win this race. After all, this is apparently still the year of Luigi.

That sort of competitive thinking generally goes through my mind whenever I play Mario Kart on a couch, but when you’re sitting in a real Kart with real speed boosts and obstacles, it’s only amplified.

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Wii Mini coming to U.S. later this month

The wii-mini-usWii may be winding down its life cycle, but the Wii Mini is just getting started.

Roughly a year after introducing the scaled-down version of the last generation console to Canada, Nintendo has announced plans to bring the Wii Mini to the U.S. in the coming weeks. Nintendo declined to give an exact release date, saying only “mid-November.”

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Texas gamers build real-life Mario Kart

It’s mario kartone of the best-selling video game franchises in the world, but what if you could play Mario Kart for real?

A group of Texas gamers/engineers from Waterloo Labs decided to give it a go, and the results are pretty amazing. This real-life Mario Kart racing track features actual power-ups, including mushrooms, lightning bolts and even those pesky turtle shells.

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Nintendo plans big 3DS push for November

While rumors of a redesigned 3DS didn’t pan out, Nintendo had plenty to say about the future of its latest handheld system at a pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference on Tuesday.

The Kyoto-based company is going all-in with the 3DS this November and early December, offering a system update that will add several new features (including video recording) as well as two major titles to help boost holiday sales. But analysts still think the company will fall short of its goals.

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