Hardware sales soar in June

Never watch dogsunderestimate the power of a price cut.

On the heels of Microsoft lowering the cost of the Xbox One by $100, video game hardware sales in June more than doubled the totals of the prior year, coming in at $292.7 million last month, according to the NPD Group.

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Watch Dogs, Mario Kart power stellar sales for video game industry in May

A NPD-Mayhacker and a kart racer have delivered some unabashedly good news to console makers and game publishers.

Sales of both video game hardware and software were up — way up — in May, delivering the first solid month the industry has seen for some time.

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Watch Dogs promotion goes horribly wrong, brings out the bomb squad

When watch-dogs-salesyou’re making a video game about a cyber terrorist, you might want to be extra careful about how you promote it.

Police in Sydney sent the bomb squad to the offices of a major online outlet after the site received an anonymous black safe that began beeping when staffers tried to open it.

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Ubisoft explains why launch games underwhelm

During tony keythe months walking up to a console launch, there’s a great unspoken truth the press, publishers and gamers all choose to conveniently ignore: The first batch of games are going to be pretty bad.

Sure, there might be an occasional standout, but the majority of the titles people heap with praise and say they can’t wait to try are titles that will mostly be forgotten before the following holiday. Even installments of well-known franchises are generally just graphically enhanced versions of what we already know.

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Five upcoming PS4 games to keep your eye on

While infamousthe initial slate of games for the PlayStation 4 is commanding the spotlight right now, things really start to get interesting next year.

Launch titles are often underwhelming. Developers haven’t had a chance to get to know the hardware’s capabilities, and often don’t receive final specs on the system until just a few months before their games release. But things start to shine with that second round of games.

Sony and its publishing partners are taking pains to ensure there’s a steady flow of titles for the PS4 in the months to come. They’ve all got a ways to go before they’re fully baked, but here are a few you might want to keep in mind for next spring and early summer.

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PS4, Xbox One take painful body blow from Watch Dogs delay

Chris watchdogsMorris looks at the ramifications of Ubisoft’s last-minute delay of one of the hottest new IPs in the industry

Nintendo will be the first company to tell you about the importance of must-have titles at a console launch. The more you have, the better – as it not only increases the initial frenzy (attracting the wandering eye of the mass media), but keeps demand alive long after Christmas has come and gone.

With Ubisoft’s announcement on Tuesday that it would be delaying Watch Dogs until Spring 2014, both Microsoft and Sony saw their new systems take a painful body blow.

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Ten Video Games to Watch This Holiday Season: E3

Video games to watchgame publishers and developers have spent the better part of this week at E3 trying to wow the often-jaded gamer with new installments of favorite franchises, games they’ve never heard of before and plenty of sizzle reels.

They’ve done a pretty good job, too, judging by feedback on gaming forums.

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