‘Minecraft’ deal could be key to Microsoft’s survival

“Minecraft” minecraftis the videogame world’s equivalent of lightning in a bottleā€”an indie gaming sensation that grew organically, eventually becoming one of the industry’s biggest franchises. It was a game that opened the doors for several other independent developers, who, in turn, brought a new burst of creativity to the industry.

So Monday’s news that corporate behemoth Microsoft was buying Mojang, the developer of “Minecraft,” for $2.5 billion might seem an odd fit to some, but it could be a key strategic move for Microsoft.

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Gaming’s new war: Independents threaten major publishers

Activision and EA aren’t going away anytime soon, but the never ending clash of the video game publishing titans has opened the door for a newer, more nimble type of competitor.

Their names — Zeptolab, Mojang, LimaSky — certainly don’t demand attention like the major console publishers. But their products are as familiar to the gaming world as many titles from the big guns. And, in some circles, they’re perhaps even better known.

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