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80,000 people share a game of Pokémon

I choose you, Pikachu! And so do about 80,000 other gamers. A user of the online video streaming service Twitch launched an interesting social experiment last week, letting as many people who are… Continue reading

Rare 24-year-old game takes eBay by storm

For a game that was used in a tournament in 1990, Nintendo World Championships sure is popular these days. Copies of the ultra-rare title have been popping up regularly on eBay and commanding… Continue reading

Nintendo hints at mystery device to turn around its fortunes

Will an as yet unrevealed mystery device be the key to Nintendo turning around its sinking fortunes? After saying in January that it would report its third consecutive annual operating loss, the company surprised analysts… Continue reading

Nintendo says it’s open to merger or acquisition

Nintendo owns one of the most enviable stable of characters in the video game world, but no one is envying the sad state of the company’s flagship Wii U home console. In response… Continue reading

Nintendo sees future in ‘non-wearable’ health technology

Nintendo hit pay dirt with health-focused games like Wii Fit and Brain Age, but those titles were apparently just the start of a much bigger plan. During a financial briefing in Japan Thursday… Continue reading

Nintendo slashes fiscal forecast on lousy Wii U sales

Stung by a rough holiday season and consumer apathy towards its latest console, Nintendo has slashed its financial forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2014 and cut its Wii U sales estimate… Continue reading

MLB resurrects video game classic R.B.I. Baseball

The gaming world thought it had said R.I.P. to R.B.I. Baseball in 1995, but the long-dormant sports franchise is coming off of the bench. Major League Baseball has revealed plans to bring back… Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS sales continue to climb

Nintendo doesn’t have a lot to say about the Wii U these days, but the 3DS? It’s happy to talk about that, and for good reason. Life-to-date sales of the 3DS and 2DS… Continue reading

Nintendo ordered to pay portion of every 3DS sold to another company

The 3DS, currently Nintendo’s best-selling piece of hardware, is about to be a bit less profitable. U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff has ordered the company to pay 1.82 percent of the wholesale price… Continue reading

Guinness rings in New Year with ridiculous video game records

So you think you can dance? So does Carrie Swidecki – and she’s got the record to prove it. Last year, the 37-year-old teacher played Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4 for 49 hours, 3… Continue reading