80,000 people share a game of Pokémon

I twitchplayspokemonchoose you, Pikachu! And so do about 80,000 other gamers.

A user of the online video streaming service Twitch launched an interesting social experiment last week, letting as many people who are interested attempt to control a single Pokémon trainer in the classic Pokémon Red/Blue — at the exact same time.

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October game sales race forward thanks to GTA

Trevor, RSG_GTAV_Screenshot_284Michael and Franklin might be particularly vicious criminals in Grand Theft Auto V, but they’re heroes to the video game industry.

Grand Theft Auto helped propel the industry into positive growth for the third consecutive month in October. Software sales at brick and mortar retail stores were up 12 percent compared to the October 2012 figures, coming in at $482.5 million.

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PETA goes after both Nintendo and McDonald’s with Pokemon parody

It’s pokemon-parody-petahard to tell which company PETA is more upset with in its latest PR battle: McDonald’s or Nintendo.

The animals rights advocate group has developed a flash game called Pokemon: Red, White and Blue, featuring Pikachu and other Pokemon who revolt against caricatures of Ronald McDonald, the Hamburglar, and maniacal slaughterhouse workers for killing and eating animals.

Yeah. It’s creepy.

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Meet the world’s best Pokemon player

Ray Rizzo isn’t just a Pokemon collector.

He’s a Poke-champ.

For the second year in a row, the 18 year-old from New Jersey has been named the Pokemon video game world champion, topping competitors from around the world in the Pokemon World Championships, an invitation-only event that wrapped up this weekend in San Diego.

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Pokemon coming to the iPhone

Pokemon – one of the biggest guns in Nintendo’s franchise arsenal – is coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But don’t expect Mario and Zelda to follow suit.

The company behind the addictive role-playing series announced plans this week to develop a free Pokemon-based rhythm game for iOS and Android smartphones. And that, somewhat understandably, has led to speculation that Nintendo might be tempering its opinion about mobile gaming and considering making games for other systems.

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Video Game Sales Drop, but Nintendo 3DS Performs Well

While Nintendo had a lot to brag about in March, the overall video game industry wasn’t so fortunate.

Initial sales of the 3DS handheld gaming device beat those of its predecessor, and the powerful Pokemon franchise set new sales records for the company. Despite these achievements, overall retail software sales fell 16 percent last month and revenues on the whole were down 4 percent, according to The NPD Group, which gathers sales data for the industry.

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3DS shines, software sales plunge in March

The good news is Nintendo has a hit with the 3DS. The bad news is … well, pretty much everything else.

Despite a strong launch for the handheld device, retail software sales were off 16 percent in March, according to The NPD Group, which gathers sales data for the industry. That’s a lot more than analysts were expecting to see. (The general consensus on Wall Street was a decline of between 8-10 percent.)

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Video Games Set to Fall Again … Blame Easter?

Despite the release of several high profile games, including a new entry from one of the largest franchises in the industry, video game retail sales for March are expected to tumble once again.

The NPD Group will release March brick and mortar sales figures Thursday after the market closes. Analysts expect software sales to fall between 8 and 10 percent. One of the major factors they’re citing is the shift of this year’s Easter holiday into April.

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