Game industry sales slide as Wii U continues to disappoint

The dead-space-3-npd-februaryvideo game industry’s retail losing streak just keeps getting uglier.

Brick and mortar video game sales were down in February, and once again they falling far short of analysts’ weak expectations. Software sales, which are the most closely watched figure, were down 27 percent from a year ago to $352 million.

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Game industry off to slow start in 2013, Xbox 360 outselling Wii U

If ni-no-kuni-npd-jan-13-top630you look at the raw numbers, it would appear that the video game industry halted its two-year sales decline in January — but numbers can be deceiving.

Video game software sales were up 1 percent in January as compared to a year ago and hardware sales climbed 4 percent, according to the NPD Group. Before you break out the bubbly, however, this is an apples-to-oranges comparison.

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Video game sales fall for ninth consecutive month

Video game makers just can’t catch a break.

For the ninth month in a row, brick and mortar retail sales of video game hardware and software was down — and down sharply. The NPD Group, which tracks the sales, says overall numbers for the month were down 20 percent compared to a year ago.

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Video Game Industry Looks for a Holiday Miracle

Holiday cheer may be in short supply for the video game industry this year.

While there are bound to be some hot titles and big sellers, it will take a true Christmas miracle for the industry to see retail sales hit positive territory in 2010. Year to date, they’re down over 8 percent and analysts say it will be hard for any month in the fourth quarter to top 2009’s numbers.