Game sales climb, but industry treads water in November

Last month saw the biggest launch ever in the video game industry, but flat sales of hardware kept things about on par with last year saleswise.

All totaled, the gaming industry took in $3 billion in November, roughly $10,000 more than last year, according to the NPD Group. But the overall picture was rosy for the industry — as game sales were much higher than predicted.

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Analysts Mixed On Holiday Outlook

With the holiday season fast approaching, analysts chime in with their game sales predictions, noting that the core gamer is “the demographic to watch this year” and examining the software battle for third place.

Gamers might be celebrating a horn of gaming plenty this holiday season, but it’s still up in the air if retailers will be cheering along.

The fourth quarter of 2011 has one of the most impressive lineups of titles in years. And it’s off to what seems to be a good start.Gears of War 3 sold 3 million copies in its first week. Battlefield 3 hit 5 million in that time. And the launch of Modern Warfare 3 will top that.

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Analysis: The State Of The Nation At Nintendo

[Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris examines the surge in Nintendo’s U.S. sales around Black Friday, and asks whether this holiday season turnaround is enough to influence the company’s slowing growth curve.]

Over the course of the past year, gamers and the gaming press have written Nintendo off as a company in steep decline; hailed it as the savior of the handheld industry; written it off again (a couple of times, in fact); and called it greedy.

With Tuesday’s release of the 2010 Black Friday sales figures, the winds have shifted once again and Nintendo is now being called a powerhouse. The latest moniker is, of course, a temporary one – but it begs the question: exactly what is going on with Nintendo these days?

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Video Game Industry Looks for a Holiday Miracle

Holiday cheer may be in short supply for the video game industry this year.

While there are bound to be some hot titles and big sellers, it will take a true Christmas miracle for the industry to see retail sales hit positive territory in 2010. Year to date, they’re down over 8 percent and analysts say it will be hard for any month in the fourth quarter to top 2009’s numbers.