Major retailers drop Xbox One price by $50

Microsoft xbox-one-titanfall-price-dropmay not want to lower the price of the Xbox One just yet, but that’s not stopping some of the world’s biggest retailers from doing it anyway.

Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon have all cut the cost of the Xbox One Titanfall bundle from $500 to $450, putting the system within reach of Sony’s $400 PlayStation 4.

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Renowned Xbox gamer becomes the first to reach 1 million Achievement points

Achievement stallion-83-1-million-gamerscoreunlocked.

It took eight years and three months, but insatiable gamer Raymond Cox has finally done what he set out to do: reach the unthinkable Xbox Live Gamerscore of 1 million.

Cox, who goes by the username Stallion83, hit the milestone late last night after finishing a game of Titanfall. It was a momentous achievement, but hardly the first for him.

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Microsoft looks to ‘Titanfall’ to boost console sales

Sony titanfallmay have gained an early lead in the battle of the next generation consoles, but Microsoft is launching its counteroffensive—and it’s a big one.

“Titanfall,” a new game from the creators of the “Call of Duty” juggernaut, hits shelves on Tuesday. It’s expected to be one of the biggest games of 2014. And it’s exclusive to Microsoft systems.


Five upcoming Xbox One games to keep your eye on

While top-x1-futurethere’s bound to be plenty of debate about the quality of the Xbox One launch lineup, no one can dispute that the pipeline is jam-packed with exciting games.

Microsoft hasn’t exactly been shy about touting the exclusives that are coming to its new system – and that’s on top of a slew of multi-platform third-party games like Watch Dogs that are looming. The problem, though, is not all of these big titles are imminent. Some won’t be out for a year or so. Others could be even further out. Still, each is worthy of your attention.

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EA CEO talks Tiger Woods, NCAA football and Nintendo

When andrew-wilson-ea-qaAndrew Wilson was named CEO of Electronic Arts in September, there were a lot of double takes.

He hasn’t been as prominent as other EA executives in his 13-year history with the company, but as analysts and gamers took a closer look at his resume, those double takes turned into knowing nods.

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