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Investors Overreacted to Wii U: Nintendo Chief

While some E3 show goers might be willing to wait five hours or more to get a few minutes of hands-on time with Nintendo’s recently unveiled next-generation console, investors were less enthusiastic about the Wii U.… Continue reading

Nintendo debuts Wii U

Nintendo, for the majority of this console generation, has been content to play its own game. Now it’s ready to take the fight to Microsoft and Sony. The company on Tuesday unveiled its… Continue reading

Wii to Wii U, Nintendo’s next system

Nintendo raised the curtain on its latest videogame console, the Wii U, on Tuesday, but there was one key piece of hardware missing at its presentation — the console itself. Instead, Nintendo used… Continue reading

Nintendo Unveils Wii U Game System For 2012

For the past five years, Nintendo has ruled the home console space, and it has led the handheld category for more than four times that long. Now it’s hoping to bring the best aspects of… Continue reading