Wii U: What Nintendo Should and Shouldn’t Do

It might seem that there aren’t a lot of mysteries remaining about the Wii U, Nintendo’s first step into the high definition marketplace and the kickoff of the next generation console wars. But initial appearances can be deceiving.

While we’ll likely learn everything there is to know at E3, there’s still time for the company to tweak its new system to get the most out of it when it comes to retail. Just as we did with the next generation Xbox and the PlayStation 4, we’ve got a few humble suggestions about what Nintendo should – and shouldn’t – do with its next console.

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Nintendo debuts Wii U

Nintendo, for the majority of this console generation, has been content to play its own game. Now it’s ready to take the fight to Microsoft and Sony.

The company on Tuesday unveiled its next generation home video game machine — dubbed Wii U — that will be flush with the high-definition graphics gamers have come to expect, as well as a unique, touch-screen controller. It’s scheduled to launch in 2012.

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Wii to Wii U, Nintendo’s next system

Nintendo raised the curtain on its latest videogame console, the Wii U, on Tuesday, but there was one key piece of hardware missing at its presentation — the console itself.

Instead, Nintendo used the Nokia Theater to turn the spotlight on the controller that consumers will use in a variety of ways to play games.

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