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How the NFL is Suiting Up for the IOE

When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers takes the field this weekend, he probably won’t be thinking about the Internet of Everything — but the IOE will certainly be focused on him. The… Continue reading

Saving the Rainforests with Old Smartphones and the IOE

The key to preventing climate change might just be found in those old cell phones in your junk drawer. Rainforest Connection, a San Francisco startup, has developed a communications device to protect rainforests… Continue reading

Disney’s MagicBand: How the IOE Is Personalizing the Customer Experience

It’s midnight — and exactly 60 days before I load our family into the car and drive to Walt Disney World. And I’m already worrying about wait times. My seven-year old, you see,… Continue reading

New Wearables for Seniors: Potential Life Changers, Not Just Gadgets

As the health and memory of their aging parents decline, many adults today feel the need to place their loved ones in homes or hire live-in caretakers — both of which are expensive… Continue reading

The Environmental Impact of IOE

By 2020, the growth of the Internet of Everything will have led to more than 50 billion active wirelessly connected devices, according to some predictions. While some argue that the electrical demands sure… Continue reading

The New Lazy Sunday

There’s nothing that can put a dent in your weekend plans quite like yard work. Cutting the grass and ensuring that your hydrangeas don’t wilt in the dog days of summer can be… Continue reading

The (Uncertain) Future of Advertising in an IOE World

For the advertising and marketing industries, the Internet of Everything can’t come soon enough. As details about our personal lives become more public, businesses will be better able to narrowly target ads and… Continue reading

Exploring the Future Junk Drawer

Technology doesn’t have a sentimental side. As new innovations grab hold of people’s attentions, once-hot gadgets often find themselves relegated to the sidelines. And with the Internet of Everything on the horizon, the cycle… Continue reading

New School Gaming

While the Internet of Everything is relatively new to many, the video game industry has been dabbling in it for nearly a decade. In 1995, developer Namco began using motion capture to create… Continue reading