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8 kids turned big-time philanthropists

In a world where more and more kids flaunt an air of entitlement, some parents are doing a great job at teaching their children to think beyond their own needs. Philanthropy, of course,… Continue reading

Porn company to be official sponsor of eSports team

One of the largest streaming porn sites is extending its reach into the video game world. YouPorn, one of the portfolio holdings of MindGeek (formerly Manwin), has locked in a six-month sponsorship of… Continue reading

Tasteful adult gifts for that special someone

Adult toys are hardly a traditional holiday gift. But as America becomes more open about sexual matters and the adult novelty industry branches into new directions beyond the well-known classic form factor for… Continue reading

Great Black Friday deals you can get with bitcoin

Not every Black Friday deal will require cash or credit cards. If you’re part of the bitcoin faithful, you can snag some great deals. Now in its third year, “Bitcoin Black Friday” is… Continue reading

Get ready for Bitcoin Black Friday deals

Black Friday is an event that has spawned all sorts of retail spin-offs. First came Cyber Monday, a second bite at the apple from online retailers. Then there was the slow creep into… Continue reading

10 tech stocking stuffers

Not every tech-themed gift has to be a bank breaker. If a TV, videogame system or new smartphone are out of your price range this holiday season, there are still plenty of good,… Continue reading

5 holiday gift-giving mistakes to avoid

The best gifts make an impression, but it’s the worst ones that really stick with us. They’re the presents you talk about at dinner parties, laughing at their awfulness or tackiness. And while… Continue reading

Next generation video games start to shine in holiday 2014

While there’s an understandable excitement that surrounds the launch of new video game hardware, the real fun usually doesn’t start until a year or so after the systems hit store shelves. Last year’s… Continue reading

10 must-have video games this holiday season

It’s not just overall industry sales that have rebounded in the video game world this year. Spurred on by new consoles, which are selling faster than their predecessors, game developers have ushered in… Continue reading

10 gifts gadget lovers will love

It’s a pretty fair bet that someone on your shopping list is going to want a gadget this year. And while the odds aren’t quite as good, there’s still a better-than-average chance that… Continue reading