10 gifts gadget lovers will love

It’s GadgetGiftGuide2014a pretty fair bet that someone on your shopping list is going to want a gadget this year. And while the odds aren’t quite as good, there’s still a better-than-average chance that you’re going to indulge them.

The Consumer Electronics Association predicts tech spending this holiday season will hit $33.76 billion, as consumers seek out the latest and greatest tech toys. Sorting out those hot items from the ones destined to end up in the clearance bin can be tough, though. If you’re looking for a perfect tech gift for a friend or loved one, here are a few can’t-miss suggestions.

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America’s Radio News Network – Dec. 13, 2012

Every arnnThursday, I join Chris Salcedo and Rick Roberts on the mid-day edition of America’s Radio News Network to discuss trends and news in the technology and video game space. This week’s topics were holiday spending, Ultra high definition televisions and a few gift ideas for TV addicts.

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4K sets officially arrive

We’re likely to hear a lot about 4K before the end of today – press conference day at CES – but the first couple of sets have already made their debuts.

LG has announced a trio of 4K sets, measuring 60, 72 and 84 – yes, 84 – inches). Each boasts a staggering resolution of 3480×2160 and they’ll be available this July. Toshiba, meanwhile, showed off a 55-inch, glasses free 4K set last night.

LG bringing OLED TV to CES

OLED – or organic light-emitting diode – has been one of the longest running legends in consumer technology.

The screens, which are incredibly vibrant and accurate in their color technology, have been shown as prototypes, usually just no larger than 15 inches, but release dates have always been nebulous, due to the incredibly high cost of the technology. LG, however, appears ready to jump in at this year’s CES.

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European customs ordered to seize all new PS3 shipments

Sony has some mounting problems in Europe.

Customs officials have been ordered to seize shipments of all PlayStation 3 shipments from the manufacturer and hold them in storage for at least 10 days. The orders come as LG has won a preliminary injunction against Sony in an ongoing patent dispute between the companies.

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7 Game Changers of CES 2011

With more than 2,700 companies displaying new products at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there’s a lot of competition for attention. While many are fighting for a coveted “Best of Show” nod, that label is too often given to products that simply have a “cool” factor but won’t necessarily have a lasting impact.

So as we’ve wandered the floor this year, we’ve kept our eyes open for items that can have a momentous impact on their market segments. Here are a few gadgets we think will move beyond novelty status.

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