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Microsoft’s ‘Halo’ effect: Hunting for the next game hit

In the Xbox universe, there’s “Halo” —and there’s everything else. The venerable franchise has sold more than 60 million copies to date and shows no signs of slowing down. While the Master Chief… Continue reading

9 reasons you may never use cash again

The move toward a cashless society won’t occur in one fell swoop. And there won’t be one single factor that brings it about. There are, however, plenty of alternate payment methods that are… Continue reading

Activision gets out big guns for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Activision’s annual release of “Call of Duty” is always a watershed event for the industry. Since 2007, the series has been the video game industry’s sales leader, raking in billions of dollars for… Continue reading

Judge dismisses Manuel Noriega’s ‘Call of Duty’ lawsuit

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has shot down former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega’s lawsuit against the makers of the “Call of Duty” video game franchise. Judge William H. Fahey agreed with Activision-Blizzard… Continue reading

Wal-Mart beefs up its used game business

Wal-Mart, which took the plunge into the used video game business in March, is leveling up. The retailer on Tuesday announced the launch of a certified preowned program in 1,700 stores nationwide, finally… Continue reading

10 big crowdfunding campaigns making a difference

Crowdfunding, for the most part, is an exercise in pure capitalism. Entrepreneurs and resourceful individuals have an idea or product and digitally panhandle for funds, often raising thousands (or millions) of dollars in… Continue reading

Crowdfunding a cure for Ebola

As health-care officials scramble to contain the worsening Ebola outbreak around the world, an unusual fundraising effort from a leading institute has struck a chord with the general public. Dr. Erica Saphire and… Continue reading

4 myths about small-business America

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around about mom-and-pop stores these days. The devastating effects of the recession on the U.S. small-business sector were well documented, but as the recovery has progressed, its… Continue reading

Apple looks to bring its ‘A’ game to mobile gaming

Apple’s footprint in the video game world is getting bigger. And that could be good news for the company’s bottom line. Gaming makes up the lion’s share of the mobile software world, with… Continue reading

7 superstar tweens and teens you should know

While we’ve put together a pretty thorough list of the innovators, visionaries and agents of change we expect will have a big impact over the next 25 years, we weren’t content to stop… Continue reading