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Porn stars shooting guns: The big business of sin

The U.S. porn industry is a $14 billion business, and the U.S. gun industry is a $38 billion business, both roughly speaking. And sometimes, the two meet in spectacular fashion. Read more at… Continue reading

The most powerful people in porn

While red hot stars in the porn industry come and go, the behind-the-scenes power players tend to lead more stable professional lives. But as the industry has changed in recent years, some of… Continue reading

Porn business optimistic despite piracy, condom battles

The porn industry got in a lot of fights in 2014, and from the look of things, 2015 is going to be a brawler of a year as well. Piracy and condoms continue… Continue reading

The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s biggest stars

Every year, there’s a flood of new actresses who enter the porn world. Most wash out quickly, but those who quickly amass a fan base can find some longevity. Those fans are the… Continue reading

Video games spring back on strong console sales

The multiyear losing streak by the video game industry finally came to an end in 2014, though any celebrations may be muted. Total sales of video game hardware and software came in at… Continue reading

A geek’s guide to high-tech drink gadgets

Beer, wine and liquor aren’t the sort of thing that generally need a high-tech boost. You pour a glass. You drink it. You’re happy. Right? But in an era where technology touches pretty… Continue reading

Is the best-selling video game losing steam?

To the surprise of absolutely no one, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” was the best-selling game in November. The title, which is the crown jewel of the Activision Blizzard’s portfolio, represented one-quarter of… Continue reading

Biker heroes: Hells Angels guardians for kids?

Shoppers at the Fresno, California, Wal-Mart this Black Friday could have been forgiven if they had a bit of trepidation while starting their holiday shopping. Five days before the retail extravaganza, members of… Continue reading

The man who started a $100 billion industry dies

Ralph Baer never meant to start a multibillion-dollar industry. He was just trying to get an idea out of his head and into the real world. That idea, which went on to become… Continue reading

7 ways your everyday life is already cashless

The cashless society isn’t something set in some distant future. For many people, it’s here today. More and more frequently, items and activities that used to have us handing over a $5 or… Continue reading