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How dedicated is the core gamer?

The term “core” gamer gets thrown around a lot in this industry. It’s an easy way to describe the enthusiast audience, but statistically differentiating an avid fan of games from a regular enthusiast… Continue reading

Fox to air ‘Red Dead Redemption’ film

Machinima (films that are made from the graphics engines and assets of video games) isn’t exactly a household word in most of America. And, despite its critical acclaim and strong sales, “Red Dead… Continue reading

Bach, Allard out at Microsoft

Two of the most visible faces in Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division are leaving the company. Microsoft today announced the departure of president Robbie Bach and chief experience officer J Allard.  Bach is retiring… Continue reading

Sony taking the Killzone franchise into 3D

It’s not news that Sony is leading the charge among consoles when it comes to3D, but until today the company hadn’t committed any of its titles to the technology. But with word that… Continue reading

The last hurrah of ‘Lost’ – video games?

While the fates of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, et al were sealed in last night’s finale to “Lost,” the show may have one more trick up its sleeve. “Rock Band” will reportedly add the… Continue reading

Happy birthday Pac-Man!

On May 22, 1980, the video game world truly went mainstream. “Pong” and “Space Invaders” were huge, sure, but when “Pac-Man” hit the scene, it was something completely different.  The yellow dude with… Continue reading

Ubisoft CEO sees big jump coming in 3D games

3D gaming hasn’t really caught on yet, but it has certainly captured its share of headlines over the past 12 months. Now, one of the industry’s largest publishers says it expects the technology… Continue reading

BlizzCon hits pay-per-view

The hottest ticket in America has nothing to do with a film or touring musical group. Blizzard Entertainment holds those honors each year with its annual Blizzcon show. Tickets, which will go on… Continue reading

April videogame sales plunge

Here’s some unwelcome – and unexpected – news. Video game sales in April took it on the chin, falling 26 percent compared to 2009 to $766 million. That’s roughly five times worse than… Continue reading

E3 2010: 3D influence is on the rise

We’re about a month out from E3 – the annual trade show of the video game industry – but a few trends are already taking shape. There’s motion control, of course, with the… Continue reading