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An October launch for Project Natal? Don’t bet the farm

Take this one with a grain of salt: A really big grain. Gamertag Radio has footage of a purported Microsoft executive from Saudi Arabia claiming that the company’s motion control device – currently… Continue reading

Ari Avad has plans for Pac-Man

The man who brought Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men to the big screen may have his eyes on Pac-Man. Ari Avad, former CEO of Marvel Studios and current executive advisor for Namco… Continue reading

Starcraft meets Facebook: A huge game gets bigger

The anticipation levels for “Starcraft II” are already sky high – but now Blizzard Entertainment has found a way that could make the game an even bigger time sucker. Blizzard and Facebook have… Continue reading

The evolving role of media companies and gaming

Traditional media companies looking to profit off of the video game industry may need to rethink their methods. A panel of industry executives and analysts at the Digital Hollywood conference noted late Tuesday… Continue reading

Disney signs up for Sony’s Move controller

So far, the only games we’ve heard about that will take advantage of Move, Sony’s motion sensor controller, have been internal studios. Now, Disney has joined the team.  Disney Interactive Studios plans to utilize… Continue reading

Activision faces another “Modern Warfare 2” lawsuit

Less than two months after the founders of Infinity Ward sued Activision over (among other things) unpaid royalties, over three dozen staffers of the development studio are following in their footsteps. 38 current… Continue reading

Industry reactions to the Supreme Court’s video game decision

The Supreme Court’s decision to hear arguments on a California law prohibiting the sale or rental of violent video games to minors that a lower body had ruled unconstitutional has the industry chattering… Continue reading

Supreme Court to review violent video game sales

The debate over whether violent video games are bad for minors is going in front of the Supreme Court. The Court on Monday agreed to review a California law that bans the sale… Continue reading

MLB comes to PS3

Microsoft and Sony have been waging war over whose gaming system has more mass-market features since the beginning of this generation. Score the latest round to Sony.  The company and Major League Baseball… Continue reading

Xbox thinking about its own TV channel?

It’s no secret that Microsoft has always had broader plans for the Xbox 360 than video games, but a new report from Bloomberg indicates the company may be thinking of something much more… Continue reading