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Destiny beta comes without the game’s most famous line

The throwaway dialogue line that became a gaming meme in the early build of Bungie’s Destiny has been jettisoned into space as the game enters its beta phase. Game of Thrones star Peter… Continue reading

Xbox One sales more than double after Kinect-less version released

Call it a good news/bad news situation for Microsoft. The good news: sales of the Xbox One “more than doubled” in June, compared to the May figures. The bad news: It’s becoming increasingly… Continue reading

Atari unveils LGBT-focused game

As the issue of diversity in the video game world continues to gain attention, Atari is making moves to be an industry leader once again. The company today unveiled PrideFest, a social/simulation mobile… Continue reading

Manuel Noriega sues Activision

Manuel Noriega – yes, that Manuel Noriega – is not at all happy to have been a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. And now the former Panamanian dictator is suing Activision for… Continue reading

Dungeons and Dragons launches new starter set

40 years after it broke onto the scene, Dungeons and Dragons is getting a brand new start. Wizards of the Coast, which owns the rights to the iconic role-playing game, has started rolling… Continue reading

5 tips for becoming a pro gamer

You fancy yourself a pretty solid League of Legends player. Or maybe you’re untouchable when it comes to Halo. And now you’re ready to see if you’ve got what it takes to earn… Continue reading

Analyst: Kim Kardashian game could top $200 million

Years from now, when gamers find themselves in a smoking wasteland devoid of quality titles wondering where it all went wrong, they can look back at mid-2014 and find their answer. It’s staggering… Continue reading

EA’s FIFA predicted the World Cup winner over a month ago

Attention Las Vegas oddsmakers: be very afraid of Electronic Arts. Back on June 3, the company told us all that Germany was going to win the World Cup – and with Deutschland’s victory yesterday, its… Continue reading

Girl Scouts hosts video game programming course

The Girl Scouts are exploring an entirely different sort of cookie. This week marked the organization’s first video game programming course, with 25 New York area girls, ranging from 13 to 16, gathering… Continue reading

Playable Tetris t-shirt puts Tetrominos on the go

Tetris, the classic game that has been on pretty much every game system to come out in the last 30 years, has broken into a new frontier: clothing. Superfan Marc Kerger has created a… Continue reading