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Alien: Isolation lures back original Alien cast members

Ripley’s headed back to the Nostromo – and she’s bringing some friends with her. Sigourney Weaver – and several other cast members from the 1979 horror/sci-fi classic Alien – have signed on to… Continue reading

Buy an Xbox One, get a $75 credit – if you’re among the lucky few

Sony’s PlayStation 4 may have gained the early lead in console sales, but a new promotion, aimed at a subset of Xbox 360 owners, is offering a pretty compelling incentive to upgrade to… Continue reading

Destiny beta coming in July, fancy editions announced

Didn’t get enough Destiny during the short alpha trial last month? Good news: you’re going to get more time to test out Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi franchise. The developer has announced that a beta… Continue reading

The Best and Worst Games of 2014 (So Far)

We entered 2014 with big expectations. Two new consoles, a Wii U desperate to make some strides, a healthy PC gaming ecosystem, a mobile market stuffed with hidden gems … this year was bound to… Continue reading

10 Patriotic Video Games

Mother Nature is ruining quite a few Independence Day cookouts. With a Hurricane Watch along the east coast and parts of the Midwest still drying out after this week’s major rains, a lot… Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan sues makers of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Lindsay Lohan is facing another legal battle, but this time, she’s the one starting the fight. Seven months after threatening to do so, the tabloid favorite filed suit against Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software Wednesday,… Continue reading

Did a video game gun stop this home robbery?

Video games are often accused of causing violence, but in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they may have prevented it. According to multiple reports, a 24-year old man in the city’s Oakland neighborhood used a fake… Continue reading

Mario Kart 8 sells 2 million copies

The Wii U has its first certifiable smash. Mario Kart 8 has sold more than 2 million copies since its release in late May, making it the system’s biggest selling title by a… Continue reading

Minnesota Vikings QB uses Madden as a study aid

John Madden’s coaching days ended in 1978, but today’s rookie quarterbacks are still learning from him…or the game that bears his name, at least. Teddy Bridgewater, rookie quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings, has… Continue reading

Study: Puzzle games make you smarter

When it comes to educational aids, Cut the Rope isn’t the first thing to spring to mind. But a new study claims that the popular game — and others like it — can… Continue reading