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3DS price cut drives Nintendo to its first loss

Last year’s decision to slash the price of the 3DS helped the handheld gaming system from falling on its face, but it sure took a toll on Nintendo’s bottom line. For the first time in… Continue reading

Opinion: It’s time for Sony to consider a Vita price cut

A rapid price cut helped Nintendo save its 3DS handheld, and maybe it’s time for Sony to do the same with its PlayStation Vita, says Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris. I feel bad for… Continue reading

Nintendo talks new Brain Age, Mario Tennis, role-playing games

You didn’t expect Nintendo to let the launch of the PlayStation Vita go unanswered, did you? The Sony competitor held a pair of online presentations Wednesday to tout new software that’s on the way to… Continue reading

Sony Bets Big on Its New Handheld Gaming System

While the handheld gaming market has evolved dramatically in recent years, Sony’s betting there’s still money to be made there – and it’s betting a lot. The PS Vita, the company’s next generation… Continue reading

Nintendo reveals online network plans

Nintendo might have a stable of terrific game franchises and groundbreaking systems, but when it comes to online gaming, the company is woefully behind. It’s hoping to change that with its next-generation system,… Continue reading

Nintendo predicts first annual loss, lowers earnings forecast

Once the most profitable company in the video game world, Nintendo is now swimming in a sea of red ink. On Thursday, the company announced a loss of $623 million in the nine… Continue reading

Nintendo braces for first corporate loss, Wii-U confirmed for this year

Nintendo’s financial year won’t end until the end of March, but the company is bracing investors for its first-ever financial loss – and it’s going to be a massive one. By the time… Continue reading

Is the 3DS finally hitting its stride?

To say that Nintendo got off to a rocky start with the 3DS is something of an understatement. After a slight surge when it went on sale, consumer interest nose-dived, forcing the company to… Continue reading

Can Super Mario turn around the 3DS?

The initial criticisms surrounding Nintendo’s 3DS handheld were pretty straightforward: The price was too high and there was a paucity of good games. Nintendo took care of the pricing problem in August. Now, it’s taking… Continue reading

Game Review: James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes

James Noir’s Hollywood Crimes isn’t a great game, per se, but it’s one that has that magical quality of wanting to play just one more round. The puzzles are intriguing and the game… Continue reading