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July game sales worst since Oct 2006

There’s often a summer lull in the video game space, but this is taking things a little too far. Video game retail sales were down 26 percent in July, hitting their lowest levels… Continue reading

PlayStation Vita won’t hit U.S, Europe in time for holidays

Scratch the PlayStation Vita off your note to Santa. Sony confirmed Thursday that its new handheld system won’t launch in the U.S. or Europe until 2012. While not officially a delay, the announcement still… Continue reading

Analysis: The Upside To Releasing Vita In 2012

[Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris looks at Sony’s recent decision not to release its Vita portable in the U.S. and Europe this year, seeing potential benefits to the company’s cautious approach.] Given the early… Continue reading

Nintendo CEO takes 50% pay cut after 3DS debacle

Sick of watching CEOs cashing out while their company — and employees — suffer? So is Nintendo. After slashing the price of the Nintendo 3DS, the company is cutting executive salaries just as… Continue reading

Nintendo cuts CEO salary in half

After the company’s stock hit a six-year low yesterday, Nintendo executives are feeling the heat. Satoru Iwata, global president and CEO of the game giant, effectively fell on his sword for the 3DS’s… Continue reading

Nintendo slashes 3DS price to $170

Faced with horrendous earnings and ongoing weak demand, Nintendo has dramatically lowered the price of its 3DS handheld system just four months after the system hit store shelves. Starting Aug. 12, the company… Continue reading

Opinion: Nintendo Slashes 3DS Price, But Did It Do Enough?

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris questions whether today’s major Nintendo 3DS price drop is enough to “resuscitate” long-term hardware sales in a world of smartphones and Angry Birds. Welcome to the post-iPhone world, Nintendo. We… Continue reading

Nintendo slashes 3DS price

Just four months after the high profile launch of its 3DS handheld gaming system, Nintendo is acknowledging that it has a problem on its hands. The video game giant announced plans Thursday to… Continue reading

Nintendo rolls out 3D video service

The 3DS is slowly fulfilling its destiny as a 3D multimedia device. Nintendo has rolled out its 3D video service, giving owners of the handheld gaming system another option beyond games. The service… Continue reading

Why gaming may be the key to 3D

It’s too early to call 3D TV a disappointment, but given the hype surrounding it and the accompanying marketing push, it certainly hasn’t lived up to expectations. The price of the sets is… Continue reading