Do video games have a future at CES?

The cescircus has left town here in Las Vegas. The 100-inch Ultra high definition sets have been packed up. The tens of thousands of unread show dailies have been recycled. And the folks at Razer are back at their headquarters gleefully polishing their Best of CES award.

As the hangovers dim and perspective starts to set in, though, it’s worth taking one look back at CES and seeing what it means – and could mean – for the video game industry as a whole.

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Why gaming may be the key to 3D

It’s too early to call 3D TV a disappointment, but given the hype surrounding it and the accompanying marketing push, it certainly hasn’t lived up to expectations.

The price of the sets is partially to blame (and those wonky, dorktacular glasses aren’t doing the industry a lot of favors, either.) But what it really comes down to is a lack of content — and that’s where television manufacturers are counting on video games to come to the rescue.

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3D gaming gets its closeup

Between the Nintendo 3DS, Nvidia’s efforts to push 3D on the PC and Sony’s recently announced PlayStation 3-branded 3D display, stereoscopic 3D video- games are finally stepping into the spotlight.

But even as more and more games utilize the technology, there’s a debate among game- makers on how much of a draw it will be for consumers.

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YouTube adds stereoscopic 3D offerings

While there are a handful of 3D videos on YouTube already, they’re anything but cutting edge.

The only 3D format the service supports is anaglyph – requiring the old-school red and blue glasses to see the effects. That’s hardly ideal for studios looking to promote upcoming films or publishers looking to showcase 3D video games. But that’s all about to change.

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7 Game Changers of CES 2011

With more than 2,700 companies displaying new products at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, there’s a lot of competition for attention. While many are fighting for a coveted “Best of Show” nod, that label is too often given to products that simply have a “cool” factor but won’t necessarily have a lasting impact.

So as we’ve wandered the floor this year, we’ve kept our eyes open for items that can have a momentous impact on their market segments. Here are a few gadgets we think will move beyond novelty status.


CES 2011 Preview: Wednesday’s things to watch

It’s press conference day here at CES. That means the news floodgates are about to open big time.

Pretty much every major consumer electronics manufacturer attending the show has their moment in the spotlight Wedensday, with some 15 press conferences scheduled – including the evening’s keynote by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

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