PlayStation Vita to hit U.S. shelves in February 2012

After remaining eerily quiet for months on when gamers outside of Japan would get their hands on the PlayStation Vita, Sony has finally come clean.

The next-generation handheld gaming system will go on sale in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Latin America on Feb. 22 of next year, just over two months after it goes on sale in Sony’s home country.

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PlayStation Vita’s battery life fails to impress

The PlayStation Vita has plenty of cool features to brag about, but battery life ain’t one of ’em.

Sony has released a new spec sheet for the upcoming handheld system, revealing that gamers can expect between 3-5 hours of game playing time per charge — meaning if you bring one along for a cross-country flight, you might want to have another entertainment option at your disposal as well.

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PlayStation Vita won’t hit U.S, Europe in time for holidays

Scratch the PlayStation Vita off your note to Santa.

Sony confirmed Thursday that its new handheld system won’t launch in the U.S. or Europe until 2012. While not officially a delay, the announcement still surprised a lot of people, who expected the company to push hard for a widespread launch before the holiday season, since that’s such a crucial sales period for the industry.

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Sony announces PlayStation Vita

The NGP has a real name at last.

Sony, at its pre-E3 press conference Monday, announced that the next generation handheld system, which was previously codenamed NGP, would be called PlayStation Vita – and would carry a price of just $249 for the Wifi version and $299 for the 3G-enabled version. The system will hit store shelves this holiday season.

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