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Activision goes independent in $8.2 billion buyout

Bobby Kotick, the sometimes controversial CEO of Activision-Blizzard, is leading an $8.2 billion buyout from parent company Vivendi, a move that will restore independence to the world’s largest video game publisher. The agreement… Continue reading

‘Call of Duty’ May Be Facing Its Biggest Battle

In the videogame world, there is no bigger behemoth than “Call of Duty.” For the past four years, the franchise has dominated the sales charts, outselling every other game. Last year’s “Black Ops… Continue reading

Tapping China’s Gaming Gold Mine

The U.S. is the profit center of the video game industry, and has been for years. But if trends continue, China might be taking that title before too long. China represents a huge… Continue reading

World of Warcraft movie set to shoot next year

While plenty of us thought it would never come to pass, it appears the World of Warcraft movie is actually happening. Shooting on the feature is set to begin next year, which would… Continue reading

Meet gaming’s newest star: The Call of Duty dog

The Internet might be a haven for cat lovers, but when it comes to gamers, dogs rule. Activision has a viral hit on its hands with Call of Duty: Ghosts, but not for… Continue reading

Black Ops II ‘Uprising’ to feature Hollywood’s top mob men

Activision has never been afraid to go big with its expansions for Call of Duty, but the next bit of downloadable content makes an offer you might not want to refuse. Uprising, the… Continue reading

The Walking Dead game you shouldn’t buy

Last year, Telltale Games gifted gamers with The Walking Dead, a deeply emotional episodic adventure game that offered a breath of fresh air for the video game industry, capturing “Game of the Year” honors from… Continue reading

Microtransactions invade Call of Duty

Activision is getting into the microtransaction game, and it’s bringing its most notable franchise along for the ride. Starting today, Call of Duty: Black Ops II will let players pick up small items… Continue reading

Activision expands the Skylanders with ‘Swap Force’

Given how phenomenally successful the Skylanders franchise has been for Activision, it was just a matter of time before the company accelerated its expansion. Last year’s Skylanders Giants supersized the “toys meet video games” figurines.… Continue reading

Skylanders sales top $500 million

When Activision-Blizzard launched Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure in 2011, there were a lot of questions about its chances of success. A hybrid toy/video game based on an aging franchise? Would people be interested? The… Continue reading