Check out the amazing new voice of The Joker

To jokera generation of Batman fans, Mark Hamill is The Joker, having voiced the villain for two decades worth of animated shows and video games. So when the former Luke Skywalker announced he would no longer be voicing the pivotal Batman character, there was a lot of concern.

Relax, folks. The clown prince of crime is in very capable vocal chords.

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The voices behind famous video game characters

“It’s-a mario-martinet-jpg_193403me… Mario!” Admit it: you heard the voice of the Nintendo icon in your head when you read that sentence. But if most people were to walk past Charles Martinet, they wouldn’t give Mario’s voice actor a second glance.

Voice acting isn’t a great career path for fame seekers, but if you’re lucky enough to work the pipes of a major video game star, it can be the role of a lifetime. Curious what Mario or Master Chief look like in their street clothes? Check out the most famous faces you’ve likely never seen.

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Video game sales down 29% in June

The next generation of consoles can’t get here fast enough.

According to the NPD Group, overall video game sales were down 29 percent in June compared to last year ($699.8 million to $989.5 million). Hardware sales were hit hardest, tumbling a massive 45 percent, though game accessories — such as gift cards and Skylanders figurines — were up slightly.

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Holy bricks, Batman! ‘Lego Batman 2′ coming

The Dark Knight is getting the Lego treatment once again.

Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that Lego Batman 2 is on the way, with a blocky Batman and Robin hitting store shelves this summer. And they’re bringing some super friends — and enemies — along for the ride.

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Warner to offer films directly on Facebook

Netflix and Hulu have some new competition: Facebook.

Warner Bros. has announced a new program that will let users of the popular social networking stream the studio’s films online. Initially, only “The Dark Knight” will be available, but Warner says it plans to quickly ramp up the program in the coming months.

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